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Solver Next Scanning Probe Microscpe

Desktop SPM with full automation STM/AFM

Solver Next


  • Automated exchange of AFM and STM heads
  • Automated alignment of optical feedback geometry (cantilever-laser-photodiode)
  • Motorized software driven sample positioning
  • Motorized focus and zoom of optical view
  • Motorized positioning of the optical sample view
  • Motorized enclosure door for improved isolation
  • Automated software driven control of measurement modes
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Performance Capabilities:

  • All basic Atomic Force Microscope techniques - Topography, Phase imaging, Mesurement of electric properties, nano-lithography and more
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  • Wide range of operating conditions for experimentation - in air or liquid
  • Ambient mode: STM/AFM (contact + semicontact + non-contact) / Lateral Force Microscope / Phase Imaging / Force Modulation / Fore Spectroscopy / Adhesion Force Imaging, MFM / EFM / SCM / Kelvin Probe Microscope / Spreading Resistance Imaging / Nanoindentation / Lithography: AFM (Voltage + Force)
  • Ambient and liquid modes: AFM (contact + semicontact + non-contact) / Lateral Force Microscope / Phase Imaging / Force Modulation / Adhesion Force Imaging / Force - Spectroscopy Lithography: AFM (Force)
  • Low-noise capacitive closes-loop feedback in all three direction (XYZ) provides precision Nanometrology
  • Atomic resolution


  • Scanner type: Scan by sample
  • Measuring heads: AFM and STM (Built-in, auto interchangeable)
  • Sample dimensions: Up to 20 mm in diameter, up to 10 mm in height
  • Sample weight: Up to 100 g
  • XY sample positioning: 5x5 mm, motorized, Video monitored
  • Min, XY sample position step: 0.15 um
  • Scanning field: 100x100x10 um with closed-loop 3x3x2 um in the low voltage mode
  • Noise level Z: 0.03 nm (typically), 0.04 nm (max) with closed-loop sensors, 0.02 nm in low voltage mode