Software Download Files Version Update
Any-View Software Capture & Measurement (5.8MB/.exe) 12.0.049974 26/06/13
Any-View Software Capture & Measurement (5.8MB/.exe) 1.00.0006.07 05/05/12
mi-View Software Capture & Measurement (6.27MB/.exe) 1.00.0052.02 05/05/12
i-View Software Capture & Measurement (10MB/.exe) 1.00.0024.04 05/05/12
i-Views Software iviewssetup (22.2MB/.rar) 06/18/13
s-View (18MB/.exe) 05/05/12
Viscam - -


Software Download Files Version Update
SXY-M30 32bits driver (4.8MB/.exe) 19/07/12
SXY-M30 64bits driver (4.6MB/.rar) 23/04/13
SXY-M50 32bits driver (3MB/.exe) 19/07/12
SXY-M90 32bits driver (3MB/.exe) 19/07/12
i-Views driver (3.7MB/.rar) 18/06/13

Manual & Sample Pictures

i-Views manual eng (1.7MB/.pdf)
i-Measure manual eng (2.2MB/.pdf)
i-Measure manual Thai (2.4MB/.pdf)
s-View manual eng (933KB/.pdf)
mi-View software manual (4.41MB/.pdf)
i-View software manual (3.37MB/.pdf)
Picture samples for software testing (4.1MB/.zip)


  1. Download and install your selected software
  2. Download sample pictures for software testing
  3. Copy the sample pictures to My Document > Miview(or iView) > picture directory
  4. Double click on Miview or iView icon on your desktop
  5. Select a sample picture to start software testing

Remark: Some software utilities may not work without camera connection.